Vista Home Premium x64 - seeming random Navision errors on startup

The 5.0SP1 Navision client was installed to C:\Progs\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client 51

When I start Navision sometimes it will work. I’ll double-click the database to open Navision and sometimes I get an error message like:

The operating system cannot gain access to the file C:\Users\Django\AppData\Local\Temp_TEMP_.0US .

Please check that the file type and attributes are correct.

I’ll clear the message and double-click on the database again and get:

There are errors in the text conversion (text no. 1949-0 does not exist in the .stx file).

Internal error: 47-1

The funny thing is that sometimes the first message will appear in French - other times Canadian.

And then sometimes Navision just starts.

UAC is off and I’m running under an Administrator account.

Any thoughts? I’m going try re-installing the client as this is crazy.

There - no reboots or anything. I just had to wait, double-click on the database and I’m in. Crazy.

Hi Django,

Yes try to reinstall the client. Sounds like you also have installed NAV 2009 on the same pc (which should not be a problem). But try to install the file again. And then specify a different location the startup paramenters to your temp files (and ZUP files whilest your at it).

Hi Erik,

I haven’t ventured an install of NAV 2009 yet. I’ll change the temp file location and see if that helps.



As an aside I noticed that closing Outlook 2007 allowed me to get into Navision without errors.