Visio reverse engineering

Hello, can anyone tell me how i can make the “Reverse Engineering” with Mircosoft Visio on my Navision Database to get an Entity Relationship modell ? Is there any easy way ? Thanks a lot ! Dan

I believe there is a download for an ER diagram somewhere either on this site or on mibuso, but I am not sure of that works with Visio.

Ah yes the eternal search for an entity diagram. Basically te way Navision is designed, an entity diagram for Navision really serves only one purpose “to help sell Navision to cleints that want an entity diagram”. Most f the issues with understanding Navison are the way Documents are psoted, and the relation between entries and posted documents, but thse will be hard if not impossible to visualize with an entity diagram. In the future of corse this will change, Dynamics will be designed just like creating a Visio, and then it will make sense, bt for now, you just need to learn Navision, sorry there is no real short cut. Of course entity diagrams are out there, and you can find one Im surem I think there is a trhead here, so hit the search button, and try, but I really don’t think it will help as you may be expecting.