Virtual company vs partition

1.Virtual company account is created to share the data among companies,

now without creating a virtual company account can we share the data between companies? how?

2.Partition is created for share the data among specific company,

in virtual company without partition can we do that?

what is the major difference between Virtual company and partition?

You can share using shared tables (SaveDataPerCompany=No), cross-company queries, copying data between companies with DIXF and so on.

Your statement about partitions is wrong; they’re not used for sharing data. On the contrary, they’re used to completely isolate companies. A company in one partition don’t see anything in other partitions (except of a few system tables that are shared even across partitions).

Yes. Using global tables.

Virtual companies feature has been deprecated in AX 7.

Partition is different from virtual company concept. It is used separate the data. A level beyond the company.…/jj677285.aspx

Thanks Martin

Thanks Kranthi,
Virtual companies feature has been deprecated in AX 7, then how they share data, any new concept for this…

Global tables.…/

MDM (when released in AX7) will also be the solution as per R3+ but will need to be developed depending upon the requirements.

In AX 7, you can use Cross-company data sharing. It in fact copies data between companies.

I am guessing they are going to dovetail in MDM for the heavier elements like Customers and Vendors giving greater finctionality than the current limited supporting sharing templates, but as most things AX7 we will wait and see the direction taken.