Viewing other Purchase Requisitions

Hi, our company is new to Dynamics AX 2009.
We are currently trying to discover how users can view purchase-requisitions of others in their department, without the “All Purchase Requisitions” tab.
We use approval workflow and record level security based on location and department using dimensions which helps filter requisitions and orders – however our users need to view the status of pending requisitions of others etc.

Also silly question time:
What are purchase pools (In purchase Order details, Admin > Pools) – how are they useful?
What are Buyer Groups used for?
Many thanks

Once locked down by record level security this is very difficult, because you want them to see records you have restricted then from seeing. There is no “department” view as such, just an organisation reports to view. I would suggest you build one based upon location and department that is keyed to the users established security.

The purchase pools and buyer groups help you segregate the items and impact on areas like planning to assist in multi-buyer environments which items they are responsible for ordering.

On buyer groups for example, go into planned purchase orders via AP\ Planned PO Details and use the filter tab to slect planned PO’s by particular buyer group.

If you also know about advanced filters, go in and create your own filter and add the vendor table to the standard filter and select by purchase pool.