View location inventory, safety qty and total difference between both


is it possible to view on live screen qty items currently held in location, safety qty for items in location and qty required to take qty to safety qty level? NB SKU cards set up per item, per location.

Example- user wants to view how many items he has, how many he should have, difference between both (inventory less safety stock = qty required).

SKU list can filter to location with column to view inventory. Safety qty and difference columns not available.

Aim is to provide user with access to view current inventory and demand on items in inventory by in his own location. Option to run planning worksheet not provided as screen is view only.

There must be a way…Can any experts advise please?

Thanks in advance [emoticon:44a8a53ad3364ea78a16c5a3229f75bb]

System is Dynamics Nav 2013

Take a look at the Item Table where you will find all these fields to display on Page

Fields Are Inventory,Safety Stock qty,Qty on Purchase order,Qty on Sales order etc.

You can build the report/screen using these fields.