View Layout - "Missing supported version of Visual Studio"

Hey all,

I’m working on a NAV 2013 environment and attempting to view the layout of a report object to get this error:

“An error occurred when opening the report designer. A support version of Visual Studio could not be found”

NAV 2013 R2 Version 7.10.43391

I’ve got Visual Studio 2017. I’m assuming I need to grab an earlier version of VS but I’d rather add specific redistributables or bits and pieces if I can avoid a whole alternate version of Visual Studio.

I looked at enabling “Use Report Builder” by setting the options to Yes under Tools → Options → Use Report Builder

But then I get this message:

“It is not possible to edit the layout with the report designer. Detailed description: Illegal characters in path.”

Insight appreciated as always thanks!

Hi Rob,
VS 2017 is NOT supported by NAV 2013 R2. You need to use Visual Studio 2012.
No way around installing it. But normally no problems having more than one version of VS installed.