View EDT label in a AX Views instead of field name


Please bear with me I am learning and not a developer…

I have succesfully created an AX 2012 Views called Custtable_1 and added all the fields from Custtable (only experimenting at this stage) but instead of showing the name of the fields I would like the field names as displayed to the users ie. the EDT label.

Can this be done within an AX Views and if so how?

Sorry if this has been asked before but my search turned up nothing.

Thanks for your help its appreciated!


I’ll assume you’re talking about showing labels for form controls in GUI, or something like that. (Please explain your scenario next time.)

It’s exactly the same as with table fields. To see a label, the field must actually have a label (which probably isn’t your case). You can set it directly in the Label property of the field, but usually it’s inherited from an EDT (property Extended Data Type).

Hi Martin - thanks for your response.

I have created a View in the AOT under Data Dictionary → Views and for testing/learning created a simple view of the Custtable but do not want to see the field names but instead the EDT label when i right click and select Open - I hope I have explained that better this time

Thanks for your help its appreciated.

What form does it open? SysTableBrowser? That’s intended for developers, not end-users, and therefore it shows field names and not labels. Why do you want to see labels there?

If you really want, you can customize the form to do whatever you like.

Thanks Martin

I have learnt something new for the day!

I was trying to create a view that I could then use in SQL server and perhaps Excel to get the data out of AX - guess that wont be possible with EDT names. Will a SSRS report show this data instead? or could you recommend an alternative method?

You shouldn’t access the database directly - it would require an additional account with access to the production database, it would bypass AX security, you couldn’t use any AX business logic (display methods etc.), you would have to deal by yourself with things like partitions, companies (including virtual ones), table inheritance, labels and so on…

If you want to export data to Excel, simply use Data Import Export Framework. There is also Microsoft Dynamics AX Add-in for Excel.

Yes, SSRS reports based on AX datasource will use correct labels according to the language in which the report is printed. Notice that views return data, not metadata such as labels. Labels are used for captions (not data) in forms and reports.

Once again thanks for your help Martin its really appreciated. [emoticon:0f36700dfeb3494fa10d47dd9e1f90a1]