view all objects used within a given object and what objects are accessable by a user


i am using NAV 5 and i have 2 issues:

  1. i want to see all objects (table, report, code unit) that are used in a given object. for example when i want to give permission to a user for item card, i will give him access to item table, which its not enough, because item card can include sales, item uom of measure, item prices, and so on.

i know about using ‘IT Administation’–> ‘Give permission’ option, but that not 100% ok because i have to run each and every possible option to capture the objects used. and some time is not feasible to run the object by myself.

  1. i want to see list of all objects and their permission level (read, delete, new, etc) for a given user at one go. this will help me make sure the given user has only the required level of access and also quickly find the missing access.

Unfortunately assigning accurate permissions is not a quick or simple task. Say you looked at Codeunit 80, which is responsible for posting sales orders and found every object is used. Then you would have to go and look at all of those objects and do the same thing. Over and over again until you eventually just gave access to every object.

If you don’t want to give too much permission to a user then you need to record their actions and know what tasks they will actually be doing. There are several downloads available on the forum sites that can assist with this. It’s a trial and error process, though, and often times the data will drive which objects get touched (sales orders with items, resources, g/l accounts, etc). It’s a trial and error process, no other way around it. No shortcuts.

There’s also no easy way to see permissions for all roles assigned to a user at once. The best way would be to write a report for it.