Vertical Text on a Report

Does anybody know, how I can write any vertical text on a report? Thanx!

To my knowledge the best you can do is:

  • Use a Label or TextBox with MultiLine set to Yes,
  • Make sure to increase the Height
  • Fill the Caption or SourceExpr with a string like a\n\y\ \v\e\r\t\i\c\a\l\ \t\e\x\t

Peter, the \ idea is good, I normally (and was just about to post) do it by using a space, but of course you then spend hours matching fonts and column width to try and get the wrap to force a new line.

this solution is ok, but then I see it like that: a n y t e x t But I should print it this way that it starts on the bottom and ends on top. the letters are rotated by 90°

Do you want the entire report like that, if so just rotate the page, other wise it is going to need a complex solution.