Versioning Control System for Dynamics Nav objects

Hy every body,

Is there a versioning control system (or Revision Control Software) specially for Navision Dynamics Objects?

Thanks for all,

Not in the product itself. There are add-ons, though. Check out the downloads in Mibuso, or the products from IFacto or Celenia.

Hy Matt,

Your response is very helpfull, IFacto software is the one that i’m looking for. But is there any one else free?

Thanks lot,

Not fully integrated into NAV. I mean if you want free you can just export files to text and use different folders along with a comparison tool like Araxis or Beyond Compare. If you want actual software, especially for NAV, you’ll most likely have to pay for it.

Okey, actually that’s the way i use to manage Navision files. Thank you for your implication, and your response was totally satisfactory, [:)]