Version Control System

Dear developers, I m an end-user of Navision (admin), nevertheless i d like to keep track of all the customizations that were done in My Navision by our supplier. (currently they just put some info at the beginning of the object, but it is a very poor documentation isn’t it!) I think the best way to do it is for them to fill some version control system attached to each object of navision. (like the date of modification, why and what was modified). We would like to guarantee our security and to be sure that we can change our supplier someday … I d like you to share your experience on this precise point: how do you do ? do you use a special software, do you just write everything in word, or do you use a method implemented in navision directly? Thanks for sharing ! Pierre

There is no plain “Built In” method (yet?). I heared about some partners using Visual Source Safe and others using their own programs. Others are just using Word or Excel to keep track about their changes. I also remember the days where there was a methodology about implementing Navision provided by Navision A/S. But this is years ago and I never heard anything about it again.

We have actually developed our own Development Issue List (DIL) system in Navision. In this sysem we register all request for modifications to the systems, which developer and consultant who has been assigned this issue, when it’s planned to be done and when done we enter the documentation into this system. The reference to the issue (called the DIL#) is then referenced in the documentation trigger and in the code. When we then make a release all DIL#'s are pulled up and replaced by a release# in the same way as Navision’s own versioning. Until the release of a changed object we used the DIL# to manage the check outs/check in’s of the object, so that no more than one developer is working on the same object. Before we started with this system, we were also using Visual Source Safe, but there is a lot of work connected to that, as you must export/import the source code all the time. As much as we like our own system, I must say that we are still considering going back to be using Visual Source Save again, but in a combination with our owo DIL system.

The system you are referring to is called QPM and is made by Qurius. It is a certified add-on by Microsoft. You can contact them and ask if you can purchase it. As far as I know of they only use it for their own clients though.