Vendor Warehouse Stock Maintain

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How to maintain Vendor Warehouse stock and perform production entry at vendor legal entity in AX 2012.

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Parth Patel

Create a warehouse to represent the vendor warehouse. Production would be a production order on that warehouse consuming from that warehouse (you transfer stock to them). However there are many nuances here and the answer given is quite generic given the detail in the question :slight_smile:

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I had the mention below case,

Please provide me a solution for mention below case :

we had Two legal entity :



two operation perform in legal entity then after material send to another on subcontractiong basis( 57F4 challan). Now they required the stock for another operations in after 2 operationed Quantity of

Finally Finished Goods Material are sold from

Is it possible in AX 2012.

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Parth Patel

Challan is an Indian reference I believe, so I will ignore this in the answer (apologies).

However you presumably make it in XYZ through production. You then sell it to ABC using the intercompany setup (They are a separate legal entity so you have to sell it. I would question if they actually are in your description). Then ABC value add and then sell back to XYZ.

If you mean ABC are actually a vendor then it changes. Transfer the stock from your main warehouse in XYZ into a warehouse representing ABC. This shows the stock is there, your production order in XYZ will be configured to have a vendor operation tied to the stock in the route and a service to create a sub-con service. Then as the operations are complete in XYZ it will consume the stock from the ABC warehouse because this is how it is set on the BOM. Production order is then RAF and it is sold in XYZ.