Vendor to ledger reconciliation report logic


I am working 2012 R3 ,Can anybody help to find the logic I mean where exactly the Leger balance and Vendor balance fields got populated in the Tmp table.

I have debugged the class VendLedger_reconciliation but could not find where exactly thos two fields got inserted into Tmp table.

Please suggest

Please provide the screenshot of ur fields if possible… For reports u can check ur DP class’s Process report() method…

Pleae check it \Classes\VendLedgerReconciliationDP\processReport

Here is the answer…



Hi Gopinath,

Thanks for your reply

below is the screen shot.

Can you please tell where exactly these fields are populating and inserting into Tmp table

see the above reply

Hi Gopi

When I debugged below two methods



I am getting null values for ledger balance and vendor balance.

Can please suggest any other way


see they are inserting records using insert_recordset

Please explain your issue ?


Hi Gopi,

I want to find code exactly l where Ledger Balance(LedgerAmountMST = XXX) and vendor Balance (vendAmountMST=XXX).

But while I debugging all the above methods LedgerAmoutMST and VendorAmountMST is not showing any value even though the report is showing the balances.

can you please suggest?

You are storing in a temp table… It wont show the values… Before inserting into temp table , just write the same code to display the values and check?

VendorAmountMST balcnce comes from the vendtranstable