Vendor Payments not visible in Bank Rec window in Business Central

Hi All,

I am new to Business Central and I was processing some supplier payments using the Payment Journal Window, in this window I applied the payment to the relevant invoices by clicking on Apply Entries and set Applies to Id, what I forgot to do is assign a Bank Payment type to each of the payments - not sure if this is what is causing my issue.

I also posted all the payments in the Payment Journal window.

When i now do a Bank Reconciliation these payments do not appear in the Bank Account Ledger Entries or cheque ledger entries, however I can see them on the vendor ledger entries and when I drill down on the Bank account balance I can see these entries in the General Ledger Entries window.

I also tried to import the bank statement into the Payment Recon Journals window, and it could not locate these payments so I tried to manually apply these payments but the invoices that relate to these payments are not visible in the apply screen.

Now should I just un-apply the payments and then go back to the Payment Recon Journal and re-apply the payments to the invoice there and will that make these payments visible in the bank reconciliation window?

I really would not like to void these payments and start again as that would be a real headache.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



When the payments are posted to the vendors already, your open invoices have been applied and they should not appear on new apply screens.

The vendor accoutns have been settled.

You should find out where the balancing posting of your vendor payments ended up.

In order to do this, please pick one of the vendore ledger entries posted and click the Navigate action.

That should give you all related entries posted to the system.

Hi Thomas,

The balancing posting ended up in the correct bank account and that is why I cannot understand why the vendor payments do not appear in the bank reconciliation window.




Can you should navigate the payment document and check that payment transaction hit the “Bank Account Ledger Entry” or not ? Because even you post bank payment with out document type that transaction also hit “Bank Account Ledger Entry” .

even the Document type is blank still that entry appeared in the bank recon page . I suspect during the post it didn’t hit the “Bank Account ledger entry.”


Hi Subhashis

The transaction has not hit the bank account ledger entry, it has only hit GL Entry, Vendor Ledger Entry and Detailed Vendor Ledger Entry.

So how can I update the Bank Account Ledger Entry and I do not understand why it did not update this in the first instance, could I have missed a step out that I was not aware of? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Hi [mention:4630de10e11c4153b0332b8534a06479:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]

During the posting you choose Bal. Account Type as G/L account. this the reason it didn’t hit the bank Account Ledger entry .

You need to un-apply 1st then do the reverse that payment transaction . Post the new payment transaction with correct value , must check before posting bal. account type is “Bank”