Vendor payment report

Am new to AX, my quesition is: How do generate a a report that display Vendor, Payment number, Amount and Date.


Hi Tony, welcome to the DUG.

May I ask you to use more descriptive titles and provide as much information as possible? It’s not clear to me what’s your version of AX and what help you actually need from us. Are you trying to create a new report? What Amount and Date are you talking about?

We don’t know anything about your system, your problem and your knowledge unless you tell us all these things.

Thank you for the quick response.

I am trying to create a basic AP report which will display Vendor name or Vendor number as well as payment number, Date of payment or invoice and Amount paid out. Am on AX 2012 R2.


Okay, and which is the part you need some help with? Creating reports in general? Identifying fields to be used? Something else?

I need help with creating and Identifying fields to use on the report.


Creating reports can’t be covered in a forum reply. Look into the documentation instead: Creating Reports Overview. Return and ask a specific question if necessary.

Regarding identifying fields, let me to learn you a little trick. Run AX as a user with developer permissions, open the form containing the data you’re interested in, right-click a field (e.g. Amount) and choose Personalization. You’ll find information about the source field and table in the System name field.

Thank you for the help.