Vendor Ledger entry - > Reverse Transaction


In Vendor Ledger entry form there is a menu button

Function - Reverse Transaction

When I press this I am getting this message .

“You can only reverse entries that were posted from a journal.”

What is the use of the this Reverse Transaction.

Please let me know.

If they were posted from a document e.g. invoice , then you would have to raise a reversing /correcting document e.g a credit memo… As the message reads… you can only use that function if the entry to be corrected was raised from a journal…

I have e problem with reverse transaction from Vendor Ledger netry in nav 5.0 sp1

When I try to reverse transaction, show this error:

You can only reverse entries that were posted from a journal.

Line that I want to reverse is the initial balance’ve inserted through General Journal as Invoice.This problem appear only at certain Vendors, because to some reverse is allowed.
Wait a Answers from those who have encountered such a problem and you have solved.
Thanks for all

This Reverse button is relatively new in Navision (IMHO it appeared in v5 - or v4), and as the message says, you can use it to reverse entries originated from Journals only, not different docs like SO, PO, etc.

It simply creates journal lines for you to post, eliminating the burden of doing it manually - it’s easy to forget something (dimensions, for example) or even misuse Db for Cr side[:P] if you create the reversing lines yourself.

I can’t tell on the spot WHY some of your startup entries, all made through Journal, the tool refuses to reverse, that for the code must be checked how exactly Navision determines the origin of entry and which fields are checked.
Seemingly your startup entries differs in those field(s) content, but don’t bother about it. as nothing keeps you from creating the reversing lines manually even in case when this automatic tool refuses to do it for you. So it was done for years before this helper function was introduced.

Be aware to use AccType=Vendor, NOT corresponding GL acc directly - otherwise Vendor Ledger will not be hit and become out of sync with GL - but it is just a warning, I suppose you know it yourself.