Vendor item no. on purchase order

Hi. On the purchase line Navision is getting the vendor item no. first from stockkeeping unit, then if this does not exist from the item card… Many users in my company have no understanding of this, so if they are going to change it, they would do so on the item card. So to avoid the problem where some old vendor item no. from the SKU would overwrite the new one from the item card, I deleted all from the SKU… The problem is that Navision still gets the vendor item no from the SKU and on the purchase order it is now blank.

Why is that and how can I fix it?

are you sure it is from the vendor item number or it is from the cross-reference?

press item==>cross references and check it

No. I am sure Navision gets the vendor item no from the stockkeeping unit… If I enter something in this field, it will show up on the purchase line. What I want to do is to have Navision get the vendor item no from the item table instead of the SKU table.

i suppose it is a customization

because in standard database, the description on the sku card is a flow field reading from description on item card and not editable.

you have to check who did it and how it is updating the sales/purchase line.

and i told you before, the system gets the item description in standard from item card, or from cross reference if filled for the vendor/customer you are using in the invoice

Our company switched to Navision only 7 months ago, so I would have known of any customizations. The “item description” is not editable for me either, but the “vendor item no” is editable. I have no problem with the “item description”. The problem is that the “vendor item no” does not display the value from the item card, it displays the value from the SKU card, even if this field is blank…

Below you can see the properties of “vendor item no” in the SKU table…

When you use SKUs you are naturally location basing settings. What will happen with the vendor number is that when you initially load the item on the order it will load the vendor number onto the purchase line assuming the vendor number and item relation is defined. Then because you have SKUs activated the moment you specify a location teh SKU is referenced, and you have set this up to have no vendor and no vendor item number, so it removed the vbendor item number and sets it blank - because these are the settings at the location.

Essentially if you are using SKUs then the SKU settings are used, if these are blank, it will not reference the item card, because the SKU card is a higher level of detail and therefore takes precedence. This is standard processing, if you need this to change you need to modify the code not to reference the SKU card regarding the vendor item number.

I would suggest ‘fixing’ the SKU records to have the right Vendor Item numbers, maybe copy them all from the Item? I think this would be much less work than trying to fix all places that reference these fields to ignore SKU values. Then I’d also make sure that SKU creation includes copying this field, and that Vendor Item Number field validation includes updating SKU records.

I think I will just use a dataport to update the vendor item numbers on the SKU… Of course this will not stop the problem from occuring again. I will see for a while if this will be a frequent problem before doing any mdifications. My policy is to keep modifications at a minimum. I guess I could also enter the numbers in the item vendor table which takes precedence over the SKU table…

In my opinion Navision is not logical in this case… I understand that different locations may have different vendors, but I think it is more unlikely that the same vendor may have different item no. for each of the customer’s location.


I think I’d go with a processing only report myself. You’re right not everything in NAV makes perfect sense. I can assure you that most of it has a perfectly valid reason though, if it were only so that there is a certain level of flexibility. It’s unfortunate that what is perfectly logical in one company, is completely the opposite in another company. That’s what makes working with NAV so much fun :).

Hi Jarle,

Stockkeeping Unit is not the first place where Navision looking after the Vendor Item No.

The first place is Item Vendor (Item Card - Purchases - Vendors). You can setup Item Vendor for Item No., Variant Code and Vendor No.

If the combination isn’t there Navision use Stockkeeping Unit and only if Vendor No. on Stockkeeping Unit is the same as the purchase document.

If the Stockkeeping Unit isn’t exist for the Item No. and Location Code Navision use Vendor Item No. from the Item and only if Vendor No. on Item is the same as the purchase document.

So the way to fix it is use Item Vendor.

Best Regards


Oh - I’m not see you already wrote you can use Item Vendor… [;)]