Vendor Invoice Workflow Error

Hi All,

We are doing intercompany PO & SO between 01 & 05, but the get an error on all vendor invoices when we want to approve and post the invoice. Please see example below (look at the workflow stop message)

"The province of the source document or source document line could not be updated. One or more accounting distribution is missing a ledger account or contains a ledger account that is not valid. Use the Accounting distribution form or the Posting profile to update the ledger account"

Please suggest me to solve this issue ?

Thanks in Advance…

Look at the accounting distributions related to purchase order and the invoice, you could be missing the account or using an invalid account (may be that is not included in any accounting structure).

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for your reply…I will check

I have checked the accounting distribution in the invoice and all the lines shows error…

Invoice Error.jpg

Look at the Item for posting accounts. IM → setup → Posting → Posting, check if the accounts are properly configured.

Thanks for your reply kranthi…The problem is with the accounting structure…For financial dimension we have used 000 but it should be greater than 000(According to the setup).