Vendor Invoice No.


Can any one tell me how i can use a Vendor Invoice No. twice.

I have two orders and i recieved one invoice from the vendor. For this two orders i want to use the same Vendor Invoice No., but by de second order navision gives a error, that the vendor invoice no. already is being used.


Do not use the order form to post Vendors’ invoices, from there just post the receipt, then the Get Receipt Lines function from the Invoice form.

Yes, i know. That is the way we do it now.

But when we do that, the order stays in de order list instead of that the order goes to the history file. whe want the order in de history file and whe want on the invoice order the reference of the orderno. Orders, receipts en invoices have all a different no. in de history file we can link this numbers together.

When we get the receipt lines the orderno. is not vissable in de history of the invoiceorders.


As it is, Navision can handle that only if you have a 1 to 1 relationship between order and invoice. Which version are you using? Maybe in some later versions that may be solved with some coding. Ask your MS partner.