Vendor invoice comitted cost: Investment project

We have many projects that we cannot eliminate due to comitted cost. But I can’t figure out how to clear them. Purchase orders are simple, vendors have been invoiced and paid. I even tried finalizing a PO to no avail. I have not been able to duplicate this in our TEST environment so I don’t know when it is happening and it “seems” random but I cannot pinpoint what causes it. Any ideas?

Update: I believe that I have found the source of the comittment to be deleted invoices. We have workflow enabled for invoicing and rejection often causes errors that lock us out of the invoice. To remedy this our AP guys delete the invoice and request that we start over. I believe that the deleting of the invoice fails to release the comitted cost.

Any ideas how to move forward on this? Is it possible to delete the comitted cost somehow? I don’t think anyone here is capable of editing the tables.

Any guidance would be appreciated

If I have understood you properly, you have the following situation :

1.You have enabled committed costs for Projects.

2.When you confirm a PO, the committed costs are posted, this is the standard behaviour of AX.

3.When you post a vendor invoice, for some reason, you get an error. Because of that error, you deleted the vendor invoice ?

Committed costs are reverse upon invoice posting. If you have inconsistent vendor invoices due to a customization error, the only way that comes to my mind, is manually reversing the committed costs. This might include some coding to solve that issue., I don’t think there is a standard to solve it.