Vendor History Import Problem

I am attempting to import vendor invoice history from mas90 through the general journal in Navision. I have already imported the vendor master file with no problems and have gotten the invoice history as far as the journal. My problem is that when posting, there are many invoices that have the same document number assigned to them and the same posting date(for example, when entering expense checks for employees through A/P, the accountant used the date as the invoice number. What is the easiest way to correct this and allow the invoice history to post without causing problems when I bring in the payment history. I have tried making external doc number not mandatory, but this still did not help. Thanks Amy

Probably the best solution is to assign a unique document number rather than removing the feature to prevent duplicate document numbers. You might add a suffix like -1, -2, -3, -4 when you encounter a duplicate. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News

Another way: Import data not as journal but as Sales/Purchase Invoice. You can create one header and many details. Business Applications Programmer Sertified Navision Developer SIA “Sintegra” Latvia