Vendor evaluation automatic or manual

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In AX 2012 , we need to setup the vendor evaluation criteria groups , criteria and same attach to Procurement categories to use Vendor evaluation functionality . Generally companies will use the values like good , Excellent , poor . My question is does system will fill the values automatically based on the past transactions ( Late material delivery , reject the materials and purchase return orders or user has to fill manually in the rating on vendor evaluation criteria form against the criterion group ?

If user has to fill manually , based on which data user will fill values ?

Any suggestion/help would really appreciate ?

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The for Vendor evaluation process and rating the vendor, the user have to set it manually.

For more details you can go to this site:

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Parashar Banerjee.

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I have Created Vendor evaluation process and rating the vendor also …NEXT

can u tell me how to see a particular vendor has been evaluated and rated in ALL VENDORS FORM .

can u tell me the navigation …



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I am also looking for the same .

Please provide me the solution.

As Parashar specified in his blog: ‘A Vendor Evaluation is needed in order to help the purchasing department to select the best vendor for the specific type of product.’ So here the main constraint is Product not the Vendor.

All vendors form shows company’s list of vendors for purchases of all products not just specific, so it is improper to look from here. You can see who are all the vendors associated in the supply of a product and evaluation ratings from Procurement & Sourcing > Set up > Categories > Procurement Categories, select your product and expand Vendor fast tab and click Evaluation to see the ratings.


thanks for the blog and i appreciate your input, but the introduction you made on AX and specifically on this function made me confuse.

based on this description of this function, actually this function is useless.

it only covers 10% of what any customer will need.

you tie all your items and vendors to one category, and then you evaluate the vendor without any criteria, and without the ability to evaluate his performance on each item separately, unless you create a category group for every single item, and no connection between the PO and evaluation, yes its fine to be manual evaluation, but ofcourse still the user need to trace the evaluation history and criteria.

SO this function is missing:

1- The ability to evaluate each individual item with each vendor.

2- No history on evaluation.

3- No evaluation on PO level.

and i couldn’t find what is the use of this evaluation, i mean what is the next step for this input? how to use this data (evaluating rate?)

can we select the vendor and the item on the PO level based on the evaluation?

or it’s simply just going into the category and reading the info available there for recording purposes only?

again thanks for you blog and your clarification will be highly appreciated.