vendor entries

Is there a way in NAV 2009 Classic to see a summary of what GL accounts have been posted to when entering a particular vendor’s invoices ?

I want to see what GL accounts were posted for a particular vendor’s invoices during a certain time period.


You could go to Posted purchase invoice and Navigate and you will find the G/L entries and that will tell you which G/L accounts the invoice was posted too. Is that what you were looking for?


Yes, I am familiar with that method but there are literally hundreds of posted invoices for a certain customer or vendor.

I am looking for a summary list of what G/L accounts the invoices of a certain period were posted to.

Thanks for your attempt at helping me though !

Unfortunately there are no standard report that can do that.

Your best way of finding it out is to create a report:

You can easily do it.

Filter on G/L Entries, with Posting Date as your date interval

Document Type as Invoice

Find the First Record and do a SETRANGE on the account,

Print the record on the Report, Do a Find(’+); Remove the Filter on G/L Account and do a NEXT; And the repeat it again.

Report can be made in approx. 20 minutes.