Vendor - Detail Trial Balance

Hello expert,

i am a beginner to Navision.

How i can show Applied to Document No. filed on the report 304 - Vendor - Detail Trial Balance?

i found the filed already existed but it seems doesn’t show anything for this filed

Thanks so much


in vendor ledger entry section, you have: “applies-to ID”, “applying entry”, “applies-to doc. type” and “applies-to doc. no.” fields.
in detailed vendor ledger entry section, you have: “Applied Vend. Ledger Entry No.”

now, it’s your call which one you want to use, and make it appear in the report by adding textbox(es) with sourcecode = any fields that you require as above.

Thanks for your replied.

i have checked in vendor ledger entry, there’s no data was filled in to applies-to ID or applies-to doc. no. fields.

but the data was filled in to closed by Entry No. field.

so how i could make Applied to document No appears on report bases on Entry No. ?