Vendor Code (xxxxxxx) Is Not Authorized for Product-xxxxx

Hai All

While I’m rising the Purchase Order the system throws me an Error like this. Where the Problem is Occured.

Hi Paramesh,

Please follow this procedure to add a vendor to the Approved vendor list for an item

  1. Click Product information management > Common > Released products.

  2. Double-click the product for the approved vendor. The Released product details form is displayed.

  3. On the Action Pane, on the Purchase tab, in the Approved vendor group, click Setup.

  4. In the Approved vendor list form, click Add to add a new vendor to the item.

  5. In the Vendor field, select the approved vendor.

  6. In the Effective field, select the date from when the vendor is approved to supply this product. You can enter any date for the start date.

  7. In the Expiration field, select the date when the vendor’s approval to supply this product expires.

Assuming you need items to be approved by vendors - otherwise turn off the approved vendor functionality.