Vendor account field in Warehouse form

Hi all,

Can someone explain how the field Vendor account located in the warehouse is used ? I have a consignement warehouse created and I am wondering if I should put a vendor account associated to the warehouse but what is the impact to do that?


It is used to update the delivery address in purchase lines, To address in transfer order lines (If no address is directly attached to the warehouse).

The picking requirements setup of Model group will work along with this vendor account. If the vendor account is specified the picking requirement value is ignored ( in production)

I thought this was a Polish localization to handle external inventory - but as it is now shipped in the SYS layer it is not a regional setting:

Polish Warehousing Click here

I don’t have polish localisation. So base on what Kranthi said, we can use that when doing picking. Please can you elaborate on the process??

If you read my answer again you will see it is linked as a field to the POL code but it is now in the base, have a look at the links.

Got it . Thanks[:)]