Vat statement issue

We have a probem with the vat statement that has been set up prior to go live. Our gold partners have not set it up correctly and now I have got to resolve the problem.

Do you think that it is ok that the set up was not correct should it be something that we should have done or should the Gold partner have got it right in the first place

As setting up the “account schedule” for VAT statement may become tricky, you should rather ask your Partner to complete the job - generally an enduser can maintain it, but if you are relatively new to Navision, it’s difficult to understand.

PS And don’t blame very hard the Partner - I’ve seen situations, when VAT statement is adjusted/changed for years, not only because legislation changes, but you might have some specific transaction, happening once a year, and it of course wasn’t taken into consideration at initial setup… While you haven’t had it happening, VAT statement was correct, but things change.