Vat Section problem - report 206

How can I say to my report 206, to print vat information even if VATAmountLine.“VAT Amount” is 0?

The section VATCounter is not printed when .“VAT Amount” is 0, but I whant to. How can I do it?


Do you see this code in the VATCounter OnPreData Item Triger.

IF VATAmountLine.GetTotalVATAmount = 0 THEN

Comment this out so it looks like ths:

// IF VATAmountLine.GetTotalVATAmount = 0 THEN
// CurrReport.BREAK;

Is that OK?

No :_(

That t was my first option, but does not solved the problem.


Any Idear to this problem?

I really need to show in report 206 the Vat Amount Specification line, when Vat % = 0, Line Amount = 0 and Vat Amount is 0 too.

If I have 2 lines in my invoice, one with Vat % = 20 and other with Vat % = 0, I need Both Vat Amount Specification lines in my report.

How can I do it?

Thanks a lot


Any Idear ???


Please don’t cross post (I joined your 2 threads) - that’s first. Second - don’t be so impatient, if you need IMMEDIATE answer, call MS paid support or your Partner.

Returning to your question - if BOTH LineAmt and VAT Amt are zero - what does such line do in an Invoice?
In case when LineAmt # zero, but VAT = zero, VAT section is printed as you wish, showing a line 0.00 VAT for VAT Identifier “NOVAT” - tested it in Cronus v5 just for curiosity. So, problem is seemingly in your Invoce itself or VAT settings, not in R206.

Hy Modris, you are right, some times I am Very impatient.

Even if LineAmt and VAT Amt are zero, I still have VATAmountLine.“VAT Base” <> 0, so I need to list in my report invoice this information:

VATAmountLine.“VAT %” VATAmountLine.“VAT Amount” VATAmountLine.“VAT Base”

0% 0,00 Euros 10,00 Euros.

If I have 2 lines in my body invoice, with <> vat %, one of them = 0 them I must have 2 lines in VAT Amount Specification

Do you see my problem

Thanks a lot