VAT Receivables report including CPV and BPV?

Hello everyone,

hope you all are doing good. I Have created VAT Payable (customers) and receivables (vendors )report for our monthly FTA audit. we have a requirement to include the CPV=Cash Payment Vouchers and BPV Bank payment vouchers in the VAT Receivables report.
I have used the default inbuilt report “VAT Calc. & Settlement Report” in NAV . But it includes all PPI’s & PSI’s all together. We Want to maintain two different reports on a monthly basis for Tax authorities as required.
I Have successfully made the VAT Payables report and even the receivables . But in receivables i am not able to include CPV’s & BPV’s .
Any one any idea how to club cpv & bpv with vendor name and TRN No. ?
I tried using the G/L Registers , G/L Entry tables as the data items but it dint work out too. Any suggestions and ideas?

Which localization is this about?

Nothing to do with the localization. We want the report in one piece.

As of now they are 3 reports and the accounts dept clubs it together .

Well it does! The acronyms CPV, BPV, PPI, PSI, TRN etc. are not part of the world wide version, or my Danish localization for example. They may be in your localized version of NAV or they could have been added as part of an add-on or customization. So without knowing this, then it’s hard to say what you need to do, as it may have been implemented differently.

Also if it’s part of YOUR localized installation, then some of our other members could know the answer, if they run the same localization.