VAT on Acquisition Fixed Asset

Hi everyone,

I have a problem. Why is it when i use purchase invoice to purchase fised assets there’s no Vat included in the entries? FA Posting type is Acquisition, Vat Posting group is Vatable 12%, but still there’s no VAT. Is there other set up for VAT that i missed?

Hope someone could help. Thanks!


You posted this question in another thread, too:

Did you read it carefully? I already answered there, that VAT is NOT a part of FA value normally. So VAT hits VAT account only, and not the FA ledger.

However, in some countries -including mine- there are special situations, when accounting legislation requires that VAT must be added to FA value, in such case you must post this through journal manually after the invoice is posted.

Hi Modris,

Yes. I read about that. but you said there that unless we have purchase invoice it can be done by the logic of navision. We are using invoice to purchase fixed assets. but we can’t seem to get VAT automatically posted like Vat on Inventory. Why is that? Thanks so much!

Then something in setup is not properly done - Posting Groups are first to check.

Create a sample Invoice identical as you had, when bought your FA and hit F9 (Statistics) - then check if VAT appears there. If VAT is zero there, then revise your PG setup.

Hi Modris,

I think I already know what seems to be the problem. When i try to check the Price including VAT in Vendor card, VAT is not reflected or recognized. but when i uncheck the Price including VAT, Vat gets computed. This is quite unusual unlike the sales order. Do you have any idea? Thanks!!