VAT% in purchase line invoice


I input purchase line invoice, when i select item or G/L Account No that the VAT% is not 0 application will show message box that the VAT% must be 0.

In what form to setup the VAT% so i can insert item no or account no with VAT% > 0.



On the purchase invoice line there is a field called “VAT Prod. Posting Group”. If you show this column, it will provide a lookup to the VAT Setup table.

Hope this helps

Have a look at the posting groups already associated with the ledger account - are these correct?

Maybe my question is too confused, it’s better i give example.

I make purchase invoice for vendor that the vat business posting group = National.

I want to make purchase line for item with vat product posting group = VAT10

In VAT Posting Setup for the combination NATIONAL and VAT10 the VAT% = 10%. I already input account for Purchase VAT Account

But when i select the item, navision alway show the message “VAT% must be 0 in VAT POsting Setup …”

so i can’t make purchase for item that have VAT% > 0

what should i do if i want to make purchase for item that have VAT%?

This will be to do with your setup, either the posting group is not defined, the item does not have a valid VAT group on it or you are using an old purchase invoice where the vendor already exists but the VAT group is not set, so load a new one.

I m also confused with this Vat% in Purchase line invoice if someone have complete setup to fetch this on item.