VAT and US Sales Tax

Can US Sales Tax and VAT be used in the same Company, or would you need separate companies in Navision?

Current Version in use 4.0 SP3

I don’t know how is implemented VAT in US version of Navision. If VAT is the same that is implemented in W1 version then it can’t be used in all countries. In Europe each country has VAT specific needs, leading to several localization changes. For example in several Europe countries there is a VAT feature named non deductible VAT. W1 doesn’t support that.

I have put US Sales Tax into a UK VAT based Navision 4.0 SP2 system. However, they are running as seperate companies. But during testing I was running both in the same company. For the US Sales Tax, there were no VAT Business Posting Groups defined on Customers/Vendors and no VAT Product Posting Groups defined for Items and in the VAT Setup there was a blank entry pointing to Sales Tax. For VAT they were present and the combinations were defined in VAT Setup. It worked happily with both but that was only during testing but in live they are seperate companies. Paul