VAT amount in the printed invoice

Do you know how, make appear VAT amount in the printed invoice?

Display Tax Amount field in your report which is available on Sales Invoice Line table.

Hi Amol, thanks for the answer. Now If I want to show the VAT Amount when in the lines of the invoce, how I can do?

Hi, open your report in Design mode. Open up the Sections area of your report and add Text Box from your toolbox to the spot where you want to display the VAT Amount. Set your SourceExpr on the properties of the text box to “VAT Amount”. Save and run your report

Take a look at your reports in design mode and you can see plenty of examples of how Text Boxes work in the report. The C/Side reference guide should help you out as well. Good luck!

Hi, I went to TOOLS > DESIGNER > REPORT > DESIGN and then I choose the Toolbox? but which is the option in the toolbox to add the VAT Amount?

Add the text field to the sections area first, and then modify the properties of the text field to reflect the VAT Amount

Sorry how can I add the text field to the sections area ?

Open the section designer of report

Go to View Menu → Click on ToolBox

Click on Textbox Icon and then place in section where you want

Now click on Textbox and Press Shift+F4 .It will open properties of textbox

Search for property called sourceexpr and select field which you desire in this proprerty

I suggest you to read some basic technical documents and contact your partner also…

thank you amol, was very clear your answer.

Don’t forget to the post(s) that solved your problem!

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the help

hi…need to study basic nav report

Hi Packiya, could you advice me a good book to study the reports?

Read Application Designer Guide and Introduction to C/AL manuals which will clear your basic concept.

Hi amol,

I found by internet the PDF: Application Designer’s Guide - Microsoft Download Center

Microsoft Dynamic NAV 5.0

did you reffer to this manual?