value model is required ?

Hi ,
If I want to use the depreciation books for depreciation calculation , still do I need to create the value models like BUIL , BUIL Tax in 2009 / 2012 ?
Please throw light on this .

Yes. Value models are required because it maintains financials for a FA.

Value model and depreciation books are separate in nature. We use value model for maintaining FA as per company’s act. We define depreciation as per company’s act only. Whereas using depreciation book we post depreciation as per tax act.

Depreciation book is something not mandatory whereas value models are mandatory. Value models are inherited from FA group.


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Thanks for the reply .

I think I did not explain my question properly .

If we go to the Value model in standard AX there are two value model types available as mentioned below.



Now my question is if I want to use the depreciation books to calucate the Depreciation as per IT Act , do need to create the two value models as explained above or only one code is enough ?

I am very much confused.

There are two options for tax:

  1. Either create separate value model for tax, like you have create BUIL - TAX

  2. You can use depreciation book if not using tax layer.

Value model like BUIL will always be require for current posting layer.


That is the corect way.