Value entry and item ledger entry


Can any body differentiate the two table value entry and item ledger entry.

how these two are effected while posting.

And also differentiate customer ledger entry and Detailed customer ledger entry also.

thanks in Advance


To put it short…

Value entry is details abt. how the item ledger entry has “developed” over time.
Same with Detailed CLE, is the details of CLE.
We also have Detailed VLE, wich is details of VLE.

In some of the earlier versions we couldn’t reproduce e.g. open item ledger entries back in time, if you had posted some thing that closed it.
Therefore we had to draw balances per fiscal year close, before someone posted anything in the new year.
So if you forgot to draw e.g. Open customer ledger entries for the auditors, and someone posted payments, then bad luck…

Now we have details, so we, by adding datefilter, can reproduce how it looked back in time.