Value enties for zeo value items


In our business we have a high volum of inventory turnover and most of the items are consignment items and the value is zero.

We have thousands of serialized items coming in and going out every week. We also reclass and transfer these items.

We also have items with values in stock.

The issue we have is when we book in zero value items through POs - NAV is creating value entry lines at the goods receipt stage and invoicing for each single item but the cost is zero.

Eg. : Receiving one serialized item at £0.00


Table Name No. of Records
Posted Purchase Receipt 1
Item Ledger Entry 1
Value Entry 1
Warehouse Entry 1

Purchase Invoice;

Table Name No. of Records
Posted Purchase Invoice 1
G/L Entry 2
VAT Entry 1
Vendor Ledger Entry 1
Value Entry 1

To avoid the sheer number of value entries generated, we are planning to ditch the PO and book the items straight from a Purchase Invoice as we need a record of the source document.

We are shipping these off against customer jobs so same entries get generated for the sales side.

I’ve tested an item with Inventory Value Zero ticked in and still the system is generating same entries at the GRNI stage and direct purchase invoice posting stage. I’m not sure if this is correct or I have missed some setups or tick boxes somewhere.

As a result of this entires our Adjust cost batch jobs takes for ever to run, inventory valuation reports takes days to run and most of all the database is growing at a rapid pace.

Please could someone suggest a solution or a work around to avoid such entries getting generated or this is possible with out customizing the cost posting routines…

As the moment we use Navision 3.7 ( SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition 320 GB database) but planning on upgrading to 2009 R2.