Value difference in the on hand form and inventsum table..

Hi, All.

While trying to post transfer journal to move particular item from one warhouse to another i got below error.

1.00 cannot be picked because only 0.00 is/are available from the inventory.

Then i checked the on hand form and it shows that available quantity is 30.00.

then i checked the inventsum table it has no value in availphysical column for that particular item.

how it is happening that form has values but not in the table.

Because of that i cannot post the journal.

Suggest the way to solve issue or find the root cause

Many reasons why you have stock on hand but not available. Start with the reserved quantity, see what his holding the stock

Hi, Adam.

Nothing in the reserved quantity.

It has no value

Then your dimensions do not align. Post screen shots of the on hand screen and your journal with all dimensions showing