valuation model


Anyone familiar with FIFO + fixed price.? recent found an curios AX behavior for this model.

If change the posting date to past due date, it still catch the current fixed cost.

any special meaning for the design?

It enables you to hold a fixed price from a receipt perspective in the ledgers with the difference being posted to item group accounts - means in effect you have a standard model financially within a FIFO environment. When you sell it the fixed price is used but this is adjusted at the period close depending upon your costing method, FIFO in this case, to financially represent the margin. So for example you want to be FIFO costed but you want stock of item A to be recognised at $10, if you receive it for $12 your inventory asset account is hit by $10 with the $2 going elsewhere. Then when you sell it the cost is $10 and the cost of sale adjusted to $12 at the period end. You probably need to talk to an accountant about the concept, I have only come across the requirement once and that was in a presales environment.