Validate function

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i am new in navision. please tell me about working of validate function in navision.…/dd338618.aspx…/testfield-validate-functions.html
VALIDATE calls the OnValidate trigger of a field.

Validate is used when you want to assign a value to a field which exists in a table and also you want to execute the code which is there in this field’s OnValidate() trigger.

For eg: I want to change the value of Type & No. field in a Sales Line, My code might be like,

IF SalesLine.GET(“Document Type” , “Document No.” , “Line No.”) THEN BEGIN
SalesLine.VALIDATE(Type , SalesLine.Type::Item);
SalesLine.VALIDATE(“No.” , ‘ABC001’);

This code will change the values of Type and No. field to Item & ABC001 respectively. And it will also execute the code written in OnValidate triggers of these to fields.

And I would suggest you to read the ADG and NAV technical pdf’s to start learning from beginner level in NAV.

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You can look at this link to understand…/dd338618.aspx