Utitliy for Go-Live

Hello Everyone - I thought I saw somewhere a utility that clears out the transactional ledgers and registers to use on a test database just before taking the customer live. For example, we dataport in the customers, etc., set them up and make test transactions while tweaking the setup. After that just before go live we want to clear out the ledgers and registers and do the final data conversion. Is there a utillity already made that will clear out these tables? Thanks, Michael

I have one I use, you can get a copy here :- http://www.go-live.us/prod01.htm Under …Create a clean database. becarefull and test it to suit your needs!!!

In 3.70 and 4.1 there is a standard tool for this. Go under Setup Checklist - Functions and Implementation. The last tab has a button called Clean that removes all transactions. The only thing it doesn’t do (from what I found so far) is resetting the number series. Regards Daniel

Hi Daniel, this sounds great, but I can’t seem to find this in 3.70? Where is this function (is it a codeunit or a report)?

Its in Navision 3.70B OR in 4.0 with Service Pack 1

It is actually in 8600 Objects range. Form 8600 Implementation etc.

Thanks, I am looking at 3.70A. DOn’t have 3.70B on me here, but will take a look at it some time later. [8D]

At least with 3.70B, I found a couple of ledger and dimension tables that are missing and that should absolutly be included: 271 Bank Ledger Entry 355 Ledger Entry Dimension 359 Posted Document Dimension You might also consider to delete order entry and journal lines, to make sure not to post any test or training data: Tables 36, 37, 38, 39, 81, 356, 357, 358 … for those who prefer code, add the following lines at the end of the function DoCleaning, before the Window.Close: CleanTable(36); CleanTable(37); CleanTable(38); CleanTable(39); CleanTable(81); CleanTable(271); CleanTable(355); CleanTable(356); CleanTable(357); CleanTable(358); CleanTable(359); Otherwise, this whole new tool is really great and helpful… Saludos Nils