using dll into Axapta 3.0

Dear All,

<br>I build a DLL with Microsoft Visual I call it from within Axapta, I keep getting the message <br> <br>'DLL Function not found'. I think it has something to do with the way the <br> <br>function names are exported in the DLL. <br>

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I would advice you to try out the work of your dll with, let’s say, Delphi, or any other programming language.

I would guess, that the function name can’t be found - and it is true :slight_smile:

Did you specify the functions in your DLL as external (meaning, that they are beeing exported and can be used by other applications)?

You cannot use .net DLL as simple windows DLL. You have to write COM component using com Interop and use it throuygh COM class: