Using Tools

Hi ! I would like a way to reproduce this scenario into Navision: I’m using Tools and I want to : - Manage the shelf life ( let say after xx years that tools must not be used anymotre) or need calibration after given period of time… - I want to do Check-In/Check-out: I want to be able track the technician who has the tool in hands - Each tool has a serial number assigned to it. My ideas are to use Items or resources for that, but how can I manage shelf live and check in/check out?? Thanks for all your ideas.

You might consider using the Fixed Assets granule. 1. Given the long useful life ‘years’, these tools would be considered capital equipment. 2. Each tool could be defined as a Fixed Asset. 3. The ‘Responsible Employee’ field could track who has it. 4. Fixed Assets would also handle depreciation and maintence cost.