Using the accounting period in date calculations

Hi All,

I have had a read of a posts previously created in regards to date calculations, and reporting by accounting periods, but I am still unclear if it is possible to use the accounting period in a date calculation.

For Example:

Current Accounting period ends 28/09/07, the current month ends 30/09/07

I would like to calculate a payment term as “end of current accounting period + 15 days”, this would calculate the due date as 13/10/07.

The date formula however does not allow for this calculation as it uses day, week, month, year.

Is there a way of looking at the accounting period setup when calculating due date?

Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.[:)]



Hi Axle,

I do not think standard Navision will be able to cater for accounting periods in payment terms. You can improvise by using date formulas such as “CM-2D” to get the accounting period. But whether this will work, or not, depends on how your accounting periods are derived.

In asian countries, accounting periods are on full months. So it would be easy in asian context.


Thanks Jordi for the reply, the problem I have is the period end does not always occur 2 days before the current month end [:(]

The only way I can see this working is by creating/editing code, this is where I need to improve my development skills…

Hi Axle,

What is the interval you used to create your accounting periods? What I mean to say, is when you created the accounting period for Navision, you would need to specify the no. of periods and period length. You can use this as a formula to base your date calculation on.

if you cannot map it to the date formula, then the only way is to start customisation. Customisation should be fairly easy.

Hi Jordie,

I have edited the accounting period start date for each period depending on what was nominated by the clients. This results in varying period lenghts for each accounting period.

Customization looks like the way to go, or maybe a change in company policy with regards to their accounting periods [:)]