Using the "100/Hour" UOM

Hi People, I am facing a problem using the Capacity UOM type “100/Hour”. My understanding of this capacity measurement For run time is “SPEED” of the machine. EG: 100pcs/hour. So if the UOM is 1 time 100/hour then system must calculate as 2 Hours for 200 PCS. But Navision just calculated the time required as 200 Hrs. I would like to know if my understanding of the UOM is the same as others.

If you set up 100/hour as UoM on a MC. and you make a routing with that MC. Runtime : 1 and 100/hour as runtime UoM. Make a PO => time needed = 36s (1/100 of an hour). If you set 10 as runtime => time needed = 360s.

HI Gunther, I could figure that out when do my Prod. orders. But I am more concerned should the UOM by Hour/100 instead of 100/Hr.

Hi Prashanth Do you remember this one? What did you decide?