Using Send-ahead quantity for multi-level items in Production

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One of our clients has the following requirement: they produce items that have multi-level BOMs, and they would need to set send ahead quantities accross the different levels. E.g. they finish a certain amount of semi-finished product, and they would like to start working on the finished product (at the top level) without having to wait for the complete quantity of semi-finished product to be finished.
This would affect the scheduling of the production orders: according to the standard functionality, if we use the send-ahead quantity within a production order, there will be an overlap between the start-end times of the operations depending on the defined send-ahead quantity. What they need is a similar overlap between the start-end times of the production orders.

Is there a way to achieve this? Even with development it does not seem quite obvious to us how to do it.

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You are 100% correct. Send-Ahead Quantity works within the Routing, within a single Production Order. It does not cross outside to improve the start-end times relates to other Production Orders that are stand-alone, except for the fact that the Due Date for the Output of the sub-assembly, that pulls into another Production Order, will reflect its availability when finished.

I see what you are are attempting to do, which sounds interesting to update other Prod. Orders when Send-Ahead is used and the Output is posted and available for other Production Orders. It would be a great idea for BC and can be entered here so the Product Team reads it:


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