Using RF scanners with Navision 3.60

we have a RF scanner from symbol (P370) which is connected to the host computer through the serial port (COM port 1) and would like to connect to Navision directly without programming the scanner…we believe it is just possible to define the mini-forms in Navision and let the mini-forms define the menus and the behaviour of the scanner? please shed some light on this issue if you have come across such a setup. We have tried using MCL designer software to create the menu with success but we cannot link any data to the warehouse functionality in Navision Attain 3.60 Brian & Nick

Hi! First: there were two threads about this which might be interesting: 1. 2. (german) As far as I know, the Mini-Forms, which are available in NAVISION 3.x, can be shown in a Terminal-Emulation on the scanner, so it depends on your scanners’ capability to do this! Otherwise you’ll need to programm a kind of “interface-software” … If you need to programm the scanner within NAVISION, you could do this with the PiccoLink-Solution of COSINUS As mentioned in the threads above, this is a solution where the Scanner (PiccoLink RF600) is fully programmed within NAVISION an communicates via COM- or TCP-connected “Base-Station” online with the NAVISION-System. Regards, Jörg P.S.: I’m not payed by COSINUS for this kind of advertisement [;)], but we run this solution with great success, so I want to recommend it strongly! [^]

Hi guys! Concerning Bar code, does it really works in Navision 3.6?? If Yes, what do we need to have in addition in order to use the full out of the box solution from navision. We have a client who wants to use Bar code from the receiving trough the shipping area. If we need to do some programming , how long it my takes ( approx)??? Thanks

Along the lines of RF and Navision 3.6 and 3.7, can we use our Teklogix equipment with the new WMS? Or are we 2.6 people just given another reason not to continue our upgrade support?