using remoteprinter on TS

If you run the clients on 2000+ and connect to a server 2000+ directly, everything will work at start. if you use a server, which is not directly the dial-in-computer, you might have proplems on the DNS or routing, so the server will not find your client on the networkpath. in this case it would help to share the printer, and to redirect it to the server. if your client is using < 2000, you should install the drivers for your OS on the TS, so he can also use the remoteprinter. in fact, every logon with a local printer to a ts will INSTALL this printer on the ts, and the ts will UNINSTALL the printer after login off. so if oyu can install the local printer directly via start/setup/printer, the ts should do it automaticaly. otherwise:not. it is one of the best, so let us make it the best at all

i have tried to print remotely using TS, and i can never get it to work. my client is a dial up client connecting to a win 2000 TS server. anyway, we have installed citrix to solve the problem. but i am sure i read somethere that the TS supports remote client printing…

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but check out this application: It’s all about remote printing, with or without Citrix

We use Thinprint to resolve the driver problem on TS+CITRIX for a year and it work perfectly. Today over 50 users use it in France,Spain,Italy connected to the same Citrix server and use their own printer wich could be HP, OKI, GDI Device, Epson, Acrobat, … without problem. I test Uniprint and ScrewDriver and don’t have the same result (cen’t use Preview)

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When you use Remote Desktop Connection to a Terminal Server, printer redirection is automatic as long as the local printer uses a driver that is installed on the server. When a client connects to Terminal Services, local printers attached to LPT, COM, and USB ports that are installed on the client computer are automatically detected and a local queue is created on the server. The client computer printer settings for the default printer and some properties (such as printing on both sides of the page) are used by the server. When a client disconnects or ends the session, the printer queue is deleted and any incomplete or pending print jobs are lost. Information about the client’s local printers and settings are saved on the client computer. During subsequent logon sessions, the printer queue is created using the information stored on the client computer. If a printer driver is not found on the server, an event is logged and the client printer is not created. To make the printer available, the driver must be manually installed on the server. Note: Print administrators can see all redirected printers, both on the server and those redirected from their session while normal users can see normal printers on the server and only their own redirected printers. Please note that in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, a fix was added for cases where redirected printing was not working automatically. The symptoms of the issues were either of the following: · The TS client enumerated its local printers and sent information (such as the printer and print driver name) to the server. However if a corresponding driver on the server did not exist, the installation failed. · If you used an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) driver with a name that did not exactly match the name in the Ntprint.inf file, Windows did not install the driver. This issue was resolved in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2; however, it also requires some registry value changes. For more information, see Knowledge Base article Q275495, “Printer Redirection or Upgrade May Not Work Because of Signed Ntprint.inf File.”