Using Outlook add-in in a Terminal server

Hey guys,

not sure what to write in the subject line, very complicated yet simple problem…

Current scenario: we are installing an add on which will allow us to print to pdf and directly have the document attached to the body of a message. This add on works from the computers , but on the most important client (doesn’t luck always work this way?) it is not working.

The client is running windows 2003 and is a Terminal server. We have office 2010 for terminal server installed on it. We never had a problem with using the features of Office on this client (which happens to be a server).

Now when we do try to execute the add-on , we get this error:

"this message is for C/AL programmers:

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by
GUID={03BC4F50-2ABB-48B3-B2A6-3F08EB1D013E} 1.7:{F3B45F48-1F4A-40C9-8DE6-5CC377BF4F82}:“NS Outlook Synchronization Handler”.OSendMail.

Check that the OLE control or Automation is correctly installed and registered"

Our solution provider gave us specific DLL files to register, we did that , but it did not work… same issue…

Anyone knows of any compatibility issues between this version of Office (it is 32 bit mind you) and Navsion 2009 R2 ?

the .xml files are in the appdata folder of the userprofiles …

oh and we are using the Classic client currently…

And how are you printing in PDF via office ?

Sounds like the outlook integration part of the NAV client is not installed?

I hope there is not an exchange server installed on that terminal server? Because there is issues in setting up emailing on a server running Exchange server.



we are not printing via Office, we are printing using a PDF printer then it opens Outlook (composing a new message), fills the fields and attaches the PDF file… it is working on other clients, so I do not think it’s the code


I have installed the Outlook add in and connector… however I do have Exchange (only the management tools, so I can uninstall it) runningon the server… However Outlook still opens… and when I click on Send from PDF Machine itself, it does open Outlook…

Does Outlook start up in Terminal server?? Does the e-mail generate with a pdf also??

Then what is the problem with the solution??

I do not know the difference of Exchange Management Tool and the actual Exchange server but a support case i had with Microsoft made it clear that the CDO version is different from the normal client version if you have Exchange server installed

I found the mail from Microsoft regarding CDO and it says the following:

"Now, let’s have a look at the CDO issue we all tend to think the error is coming from:

Beginning in Exchange Server 2007 and Outlook 2007, CDO 1.2.1 will no longer be provided as a part of the install of the product. As a result, there is functionality missing that many applications depend upon. CDO 1.2.1 is a package providing access to Outlook-compatible objects through a COM-based API.

On the MSDN page, CDOEX.DLL is described as part of the Exchange Server install:

The download location for the client CDO install can be found here:

You need to install this on every single client which has Office 2007 installed. It does not matter if these clients are using Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. If they are on Office 2003, then they already have CDO installed as part of the default installation. CDO can however be disabled via the custom installation of Office 2003. "

I’m not sure this is your problem but with this information i moved my e-mailing solution that runs by a NAS onto a client machine instead of on the NAV/Exchange/Fileserver/Domain control machine my customer have and suddenly everything worked :slight_smile:



our time zone difference is really bad…

anyway thing is the difference between a full Exchange server and management tools only is pretty big, when you have the management tools, you don’t have any exchange database on the server, you just have a small tool that allows you to manage other Exchange servers on the network/domain…

Outlook (2010) runs , every user has his own outlook profile and can send receive messages and attach files normally…

The current situation is that we have PDF Machine as a PDF printer, in Navision we chose (lets say purchase order) , and click on print, choose PDF printer as the printer, it opens PDF Machine, PDF Machine names the file accoridng to its name on the NAV DB (for example PO34567) , then in PDF Machine itself we press on Send , it then opens Outlook (actually the compose message), where we would have to insert the email address manually from the customer’s contact card…

Now what we are trying to do , and succeeded on the regular normal clients, is to add a button on the reports that says Send as PDF, you just click it, it prints the file to PDF, automatically opens a Compose window in Outlook with the PDF file attached and the recipient’S email address filled in…

This worked on clients running Windows Vista and 7 , but all running Outlook 2010 32 bit, it failed on clients running Outlook 64 bit.

Now on the terminal server, we have the special Offic 2010 for terminal servers (I am guessing the license file is the main part of this issue), since you cannot install a regular Office on a Terminal server (it just gives you an error saying you cannot do that).

First option (PDF Machine), works on this Terminal server, but the second, it does print the PDF file (we have an output folder to monitor the pdf printer) but does not launch the compose and gives the above mentioned error…

quite annoying and frustrating…

Actually i should have same time zone as you if you are in germany and i am in sweden [:)]

But since i mostly log in to the forum at evening (On my spare time) and not when i am at the office.

Ok so problem seems to be with Outlook 64 bit. This i would understaand since NAV is built as a 32 bit program. However as i know it we have installed office 32 bit on terminal servers even if the terminal server itself is 64 bit.

Can you do another test? I NAv standard functionality there is an e-mailing button on the customer card that should open outlook with the given e-mail adress of the customer. Does this work on the terminal server? if not then my guess is that there is compatible problems between NAV and outlook/office 64 bit. (if same thing works on the clients running office 32 bit i would be even more certain of it)

Then problem is how to get 32 bit office installed on the terminal server,


Hey Jinis,

I wrote a pretty long reply and it got wiped … my bad for not doing a ctrl A , ctrl C before posting…

Anyway, the server already has office 32 bit installed, the 64 bit was on a client, that issue got solved by uninstalling 64 and installing 32 bit in its place.

I tried to do the send email from the contact card, it did not work either (got the same error), but it is office 32 bit here… where do you think the problem lies? it’s really annoying as this solution is great but 85% of my users will not be able to use it …

Good to know we’Re neighbours by the way :slight_smile: feel free to check the forum on your lunchbreak perhaps then?



Did you try to install the CDO that i gave link for download in my earlier reply??

Because the CDO that mail codeunit in NAV needs to use is not automatically installed with Office 2007 and later.


It did not install because I don’t have office 2007 installed (my office version is 2010).


And you have office 2010 on the clients that are not running on terminal server too?

(Did you have Office 2003 or earlier on those clients before installing 2010?? Because then the CDO was installed prior to installing Office 2010)

I would turn this matter to Microsoft support. (I presume you work on a NAV solution center?)


Yup, pretty much Office 2010 all around the company by now…

Is there any way to find out if the CDO was installed? amazingly a lot of my colleagues get amnesia when I ask some historical questions about the network (this and the hand-over time was very short)

Our Navision partner rips a hole in our pockets whenever we ask him for anything, that’s why I am trying to find the solution for this one myself… unless there was a way to directly contact Microsoft about this? (I am assuming they will tell me to contact him first…)


Sorry, as far as i know end users cannot access Microsoft support, Only Partners (Solution centers) can.

I bet if you get mailing from contact card to work on terminal server then your solution will work as well.

I would suggest the following. Reinstall NAV client on the Terminal server. Make sure the option for Outlook integration is installed during install. (This is in case installation is broken somehow)

Test Contact card.

If not working install the CDO package i gave link for. It says nothing that it should not be installed with 2010, just that from Office 2007 it is not included in the installation of Office.

Then test Contact Card again.

If still not working i think you better ask your NAV partner to give case to Microsoft support. The scenario to send to MS support is then that you cannot e-mail from contact card since that is part of standard Solution in NAV.


Tried re-installing NAV already from many sources, the DVD and the setup file provided by our Partner, made sure Outlook connector is installed, basically all the steps that were done on the other clients (since this is considered just another client)… didn’T work…

As for the CDO installation it gives an error about Office 2007 , let’S hope the pic is attached

Then i am of no further help i am afraid. I did not know about the error but on the other hand i run office 2007 myself.

I would suggest you to go to your NAV partner.


Which ver of NAV are you using is it NAV 2009 or NAV 2009 R2.

Office 2010 had some issues in NAV 2009 & 2009 SP1.

I am using Nav 2009 R2

Ok updates:

I finally managed to uninstall the Exchange management tools, and now the error message is different.

I get the attached snapshot when I try it… any ideas? error.JPG