Using NAV client with Business Central - cloud

Dear friends

I have seen that NAV client can be used with Business Central on premise and this is a very helpful option.

I am asking how to have the same for the cloud version?


What do you mean by NAV client? The Windows client?

If yes, then you cannot use it with the cloud version. Only if you have an Intelligent Edge hybrid or just an OnPrem.

But even if you could, then it would be very shortsighted. With 1-2 years, then it will be retired completely together with the Development Environment (former Classic client). So you might just as well get started with the web client.

If you have not yet tried it with the fall 2018 release of BC, then do it. It really has improved. Personally I have been using the web client for 2 years now. And only a few times a year, then I have an situation where I really need the Windows client. You have many keyboard shortcuts already and more hopefully will come.

Check out this presentation of the new web client:

Here I choose to disagree with [mention:61b2aa9ce72e429baa1ef43208ddbea4:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] and says that there is a HUGE difference between a Business Central webclient and a Windows Client. So if you are not yet ready for a BC webclient then you should start with a NAV 2018 Windows or weblcient.

My practical experience (more than 300 hours) with the 365 Business Central browser version is quite depressing and there are way to many issues. Just to name a few issues:

  • Selecting Ledger Entries on any master table requires 3-7 mouse clicks instead of CTRL+F7

  • Viewing Dimension Values on Ledger Entries requires 3-7 mouse clicks instead of CTRL+SHIFT+D

  • More than 50 menu-items are located ind the wrong submenus (Activity, Navigate or the three dots) so you spend a lot of time finding menuitems that you can easily find in the “old” ribbon-menu. Even though that they also here are placed wrongly.

  • The webclient is slow - i mean really slow compared to a windows client.

  • Factboxes takes way to much space on a normal display - meaning you either spend a lot of mouse up/down or hide factboxes and looses a lot of important information.

All of the above is ofcourse going to be fixed - probably within the next 4-6 months. But you have to “live with it” until fixed.

Besides from that 1-2 years is not really shortsighted as an average ERP-solution is 7 years before it changes completely.

[emoticon:eb4aa943e408408bad7f7f839387d1a3] I am totally Agree that the new release ob BC cloud still missing a lot of functions and I don’t know how they will solve the shortcuts issues.

I am Currently implementing BC for a new company and sometimes or most of the time I am going back to NAV windows client to find what I was looking for.

And this actually delaying the process, I hope MS do some enhancements soon, and if they can just add the old web client it will reduce the gap.

It seems the best solution to livre with it.

Thanks to all