Using more than 5 decimal places

Hi, I have a problem where the client needs the system to allow more than 5 decimal places when calculating MRP. This is caused by low usages and very low scrap percentages but very high production volumes. e.g. BOM quantity = 0.00049 scrap % 0.25% Production quantity for the month 2000000 pcs. Requirement is calculated as follows 0.000490.25%+0.00049 =0.000491225. System then rounds to 5 decimals and returns 0.00049 and not 0.000491225. This means that the scrap percentage is ignored. The material requirement is then calculated as 20000000.00049 = 980 and not 2000000*0.000491225 = 982.45. [?] Does anyone know of a way of increasing the decimal places allowed. I have changed that rounding precision on the item, but this does not change the answer given. Regards Richard

You can change the DecimalPlaces Property on the field to 9.

Yes, but which field? If you debug the code, it refers to many other fields. Is there not a global setting which determines the amount of decimals to allow?

Hi, You can set Unit Amount Rounding Precision in Currency Table (Id-4) and GL Setup table(ID-98).Almost every places system pickup Rounding precision from these two tables depends upon case(i.e. in case of multi currency it will pickup from Currency otherwise from GL Setup.)

No, I don’t think there is a global setting. You have to change the property on each one of the fields that you need to have more than 5 decimal places.

Jaiswal, Do the parameters that you are refering to apply when it comes to units etc? All of the help documentation that I have read refers to the setting up of currency rounding in those tables and not production requirements in units, kg’s etc Jan, The changing of all of the fields is something that I am a bit scared of! I think I will use that option if I can’t find another solution. Thanks for the suggestion though, It was the first thing that I looked at but when I saw the magnitude of the changes required, I thought there must be another solution. Richard

Hi rquin, If you change the unit amount rounding precision to 9 then the unit amount will change through out the navision application. define a field in manufacturing setup and use that for that field for rounding precision inside the cal code for the calculation that u need. Cheers Jaganath reddy

I had the same situation, and found the best solution was to create new fields, do the calculations in these, and then use these Extended Quantities to update the consumption journals. It works well, and does not affect base functionality so much.

Thanks David, I will give that a try.

Hi, I think you should use different unit of measure as Base Unit of Measure. The Base unit of measure should be 1000PCS as example. In this case BOM quantity will be 0.49 and Production quantity for the month is 2000 of 1000PCS Requirement is calculated as follows 0.490.25%+0.49 =0.491225 System then rounds to 5 decimals and returns 0.49123. The material requirement is then calculated as 20000.49123= 982.46 it is much close to 982.45. Also you can setup Sales Unit of measure PC with quantity per = 0.001.

Hi Val, actually that’s how I solved the problem also, but I needed to keep the basic UOM in place. In fact it was not in inventory, but in Capacity where the rounding was an issue. Basically the client has a process that takes 24 hours to run, run that back to minutes and problems start. You don’t have as many options in capacity to work with the UOM. But definitely I agree that for inventory your solution is a better one. Hey Richard, go with Valentin’s suggestion, it is better.